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Mark Stiwald

147 Central Drive  Amherst, OH 44001

Rob Draga

Jason Stiwald 6/2/2017

  According to Oberlin Golf Club Bylaws: Article II, Section 6, items b., c. Posting Periods:  01/4-17/16, 01/19-2/1/16, 02/18-3/2/16, 03/02-15/16, 03/08-21/16, 03/17-30/16, 03/29-4/11/16, 03/31-04/13/16, 04/6-19/16, 05/03-16/16, 5/09-22-16, 07/26-08/08/16, 10/03-16/16, 10/06-19/16, 10/17-30/16, 10/20-11/02/16, 10/27/-11/09/16, 10/31-11/13/16, 1/19-2/1/17, 02/09-23/17, 03/02-16/17, 03/27-04/10/17, 4/17/17-5/1/17, 5/2-16/17 b. The Committee shall receive applications for membership and all communications with respect thereto and shall determine their completeness and adequacy.  Names and residences of all persons proposed for membership and the names of the members proposing and seconding them shall be made available to the membership by mail or posting at the clubhouse for at least a period of two weeks. c.  The Membership Committee may approve such memberships contingent upon no letters of objection or inquiry being received during the interim two-week period.  If the Secretary received letters of inquiry or objection to said membership, such communications will be furnished the Membership Committee at its next ensuing meeting for appropriate action.  In no event will any new member be eligible to use Oberlin Golf Club facilities until such time as notice of acceptance is received from the Secretary and the appropriate portion of initiation and membership charges is paid.